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Bertie (Reserved)

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

DOB - 15-2-2017

Male - neutered

Bertie has been relinquished by his adopter having been adopted around 18 months ago, due to her health issues. This is understand and accepted by the rescue. Below is a shortened version of a write up by his adopter......

I'm a Corgi x and even though I've got short legs, I've got loads of energy for good walks which my adopter couldn't take me on anymore. I can be a but strong but its just because I'm excited at the start of a walk.

I haven't been let off my lead as I would run and run but am ok loose in a secure area/field, once I know you. I love to run around in a garden and chill out watching everything sat out in the sun in the garden.

I can be a bit unpredictable with other dogs in strange situations. I am better with female dogs and have been with Lola in a pen, at the rescue in the day for walks and we get on fine.

I'm very loving and like a lot of fuss but don't always like it when i don't get my own way.

Most of the time I am friendly but I need to be introduced to people and dogs carefully. I was protective of my garden once when a new dog arrived but we soon got used to each other. I can be a bit nervous around tall men I don't know too.

I can be a bit fussy with food but I like my wet Chappie and a few biscuits.

I like to play and can get excited so you would have to be careful with any children coming round as I can get hold of trousers when I'm playing. You'll have to tell me to calm down as I get a bit mouthy.

My adopter is very sad to have to let me go but she says she wants to do wants best for me so I can get out and about on good walks again.

Please ring the rescue between 11-3 for a viewing. 07808003152


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