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Sex: Male Size - Medium 41/50cm DOB: December 2021. Children - Yes, 8+ Dogs - Yes. Resident dog needed? No, but could benefit from one. Cats - Unknown Neutered - Yes Siblings - Joshua Rescued by Alina Pintilie (Pinti) Temperament -Alfie is definitely the extrovert. He is the kind of dog that would sleep through anything, and loves playing with people and dogs. He loves to explore on walks. He doesn’t understand ‘personal space’ and will climb on top of you to get attention and a cuddle. No need for treats to get him to do anything but he sure loves them! Their rescue story - Alfie and his brother were found chained in a field in the middle of nowhere . Temperatures that night were forecast to -8C. They were chained with no water, shelter and a dead lamb thrown next to them for food. They were covered with lice and had worms.

Please ring the rescue if you like an appointment to view this dog.

07808003152 11-3pm.

This is the only way we arrange viewings.

Follow the link below for FREE advice on adopting a foreign dog and help them settle in. We will receive 20% of any further monies raised from anyone buying other courses via this link.

‘Set yourself up for a successful adoption’ is the course to look for.


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