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A day out with Miron. (Rehomed)

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Sharing on behalf of one of the Jo ❤️

"Hi everyone it's Miron here. I've been out and about today with Jo🥰 - no not to the local beauty parlour now it's open, but to Whisby nature park for a walk round. I travelled really well in the car!🐾🐕

Today's been a funny day as first thing I had a viewing. I was soooo excited I just wanted to play, but as I am a very happy and excited collie cross I sometimes accidentally nip at other dogs, I really don't mean to, am just so excited about my new life after everything I've been through!😳 I think I did frightened the other dog as they didn't want to take me home.😞

Anyways, we soon arrived at the car park of the nature reserve (wasn't bothered by cars passing by on the road). There were dogs everywhere! I was on my best behavior!

A collie tried to get to me to show me its nice smile, but as it was growling too much I ignored it and carried on walking. I never took my snout of the floor as there were so many amazing smells to sniff and every so often we would stop for another modelling opportunity. I also had a paddle in the lake, which was my fav time ! I'm not sure how much Jo liked me doing this as i had to travel home in the car.

Overall I think I was a good boy. I've loved my day out and would love more if I could only just find someone to love me.

More info about Miron here and on our Facebook page.


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