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We currently have 4 dogs up for adoption at present including..... YAZZ - 2 yr old spayed female Yazz - has been rehomed under the rescue but hasn't bonded with either owner. Here is a write up but her current owner. She is living in Thirsk, Yorkshire. She can be viewed in her current home at present.

'Yazz is about 2 years old, bubbly natured around females, she is timid around male company but she will calm towards them and have a sniff then she will be ok. She does love the female company, she wags her tail and sits and waits for a cuddle and a stroke. She is full of energy she likes to go on long walks she only pulls on the lead for the first few mins then she settles and walks along fine with you. She is fine with other dogs when both are on leads, wags her tail has a little bark, then a sniff and she’s happy. She is only off the lead in a secure garden as she is still a bit shy and doesn’t fully understand her name, but show her the lead and she will come towards you sit down let you put her lead on. She would be best rehomed in a quieter household with older teenagers.' Please ring the rescue on 07808003152 between 11-3pm to have a chat and possibly arrange a viewing.


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