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Soul (Rehomed)

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We are looking for a special home for this little lad.

Soul is a 9 month old pup from Romania who went into an home in the UK and was a lovely settled pup until someone got hold of his collar and frightened him.

As Soul is a timid pup, this ended up in him biting his handler. The family were happy to keep him but did have children (which he got on with) but because of what had happened thought they had best rehome him.

We have had no problems with any aggression whilst he has been at the rescue, but he will need a calm, quiet home with an experienced owner without children.

We feel he would be best rehomed with another dog to give him confidence, but they will need to like playing as he can be a little boisterous but is a sweet and friendly pup.

Please contact the rescue between 11-3 for an appointment on 07808003152

Update ***** Here is a write up that Souls previous owners have written about him as reference for when they had him.

Flea and worming due on the 1st August, he has been done every month since we had him. Soul goes for a wee/poo in the garden at 7am He will have 2 x walks minimum throughout the day He is wary of being close to a busy unfamiliar road and I often double lead him when he is anxious He walks well on the lead now. We often took him to football matches, and he can stand still for a short while on the lead as long as he has had a walk first I take him off the lead on certain/familiar walks and often comes back when you have treats, but in wide open spaces he can run off after wildlife and I tend to keep him on the lead He loves other dogs and playing, he is very in their face and hasn’t yet recognised when the other dog doesn’t want to play He likes running after a ball but often wont return it. His favourite toys/games are pulling. He will love a toy for a few days and get fed up with it. I often swap things round regularly to keep him entertained. Soul has his dinner around 5pm. I was giving him breakfast, but he started refusing it and decided to give him one larger meal in the evening instead which seemed to work for him Soul often gets a burst of energy after his food, and we find it’s a good time for him to go for a walk. We have given Soul calm biscuits on the occasions that he has been walked and is still energetic and getting into mischief. Soul has his last wee and 10.30pm and sleeps through the night My son Ash has taught him to sit, paw, lie down and roll over We have rabbits and Soul is unable to control himself when he sees them as he is very excited Soul loves my children and playing with them. He does play rough, although he hasn’t harmed them If the house is quiet Soul enjoys a snooze in the sun Soul barks when new people come into the house or passers-by, it goes on longer than would be expected, although we have been working to improve this. Soul is still a nervous dog but so much better than he was when he arrived He gets a bad stomach when eating new foods Soul runs next you while you’re on your bike, can keep up and enjoys the pace Soul has a sand pit in the garden which he enjoys digging in Soul loves a tummy rub and licks your hand in appreciation. Soul deserves a loving home and we are devastated to lose him from our family.


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