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Age: 3.5 months Female Approx 10KG adult weight

4 puppies were found on a river, thrown in a bag. Sadly one of them was already dead and the other 3 were hungry and freezing. All of them still had their umbilical cord attached and their mum didn't even have the chance to clean them, they were born just a few hours earlier. The couple who had found them, kept them until they learnt to eat a little bit but they couldn't keep them any longer because the lady was about to give birth to her child, unfortunately 2 of the remaining puppies didn't make it, leaving only Skye left.


We cannot rehome a dog under 1yr where there isn’t someone around most of the day.

Our adoption fee is £350 plus £120 spaying voucher fee/£80 neutering voucher fee, to be paid in advance and redeemed at Minster vets at Newark - if applicable

Please only come to a viewing if you don't have any holidays booked in the near future.

We cannot reply to emails, texts or admin messages, regarding viewings.

If you are interested in having a viewing please ring the rescue on 07808003152 between 11-3pm

All members of the household and any visiting partners need to attend the appointment, along with any resident dogs.


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