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Ruby is being rehomed from her current home.

If you are interested in viewing her, please ring the rescue on 07808003152 between 11-3pm, to be given the contact details for her current owner. She is currently living in Scunthorpe.

If the viewing is successful then the paperwork is to be completed prior to her being collected. This could possibly be done by email.

Adoption fee - TBC

***Following is a write up by her owner -***

This is Ruby. Originally (Adele)

Here’s a little about her. She loves children and lots of attention from the people she loves. She is very treat motivated. Like most rescue dogs Ruby has some barriers she still needs to face.

Ruby has not been around other dogs off the lead as she hasn't calmed down enough. She really does not like cats. She loves walks but is super powerful and pulls, she's also reactive on walks and barks at humans and dogs.

Ruby is still very scared of most things. Loud noises especially. She is very timid and scared and because of this doesn't like strangers. Ruby is very protective of her home and her territory.

When meeting new people Ruby likes for them to completely ignore her and she likes to sus them out in her own time and for herself. Once she knows people she really opens up and loves lots of scratches and belly rubs.

I wouldn't place Ruby with really small children, as when playing she does some times nibble. Ruby needs some one with patience and time to train her better on the lead, she needs lots of walks but as I say, is very strong and does not have any re-call. Ruby likes for people to be around a lot of the time. She is perfectly house trained and very clean


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