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Rolo is currently in foster very close to the rescue.

He was originally handed over to us when he was 8 weeks old as the owners couldn’t cope with a puppy.

He was rehomed and recently returned to us at 14 months old, as he was apparently fighting with the other dog. Both were still intact males, as the owner refused to get them neutered.

He was very scared on arrival and took a few days of consistant handling to come round to us.

He would suit someone who can give him space to get used to them and his surroundings with little pressure initially. He has been around children but cannot be followed and picked up initially as he will be timid with new people.

He doesn’t like car journeys and would need to be in a crate for safety. He does settle but we presume he has feelings of going to be dumped again.

Please ring the rescue for a chat if you’d like to meet him at his foster home or at the rescue 07808003152 11-3pm. This is the only way we make appointments for viewings.

He is due to be neutered on Tues 2nd May and will need a second vaccination in 3-4 weeks as we had to start his vaccinations again.


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