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💗Sex: Female 💗Size - Small size 💗DOB: October 2019

💗Children - Yes, 12+ (provided they are quiet and have dog experience, as Lidl can be nervous around quick movements and loud noises). Spayed.

💗Dogs - Yes, but can sometimes be choosy with her interactions 💗Cats - Unknown. Can be tested on application. 💗Spayed - Yes 💗Temperament - Lidl is a cunning little fox. She often sets the terms for her interactions but is so rewarding to have around.

She would bend over backwards for treats and at first i believe that's the only way she will come to anyone. She was originally so scared of everyone and everything, but has gained in confidence and now loves to sunbathe and fully relax on her back. She loves her playmates Alfie and Joshua and is not phased by other dogs either, but can sometimes be picky in her interactions.

Coming into a house will be a big change for her and a challenge, but being the fast learner that she is, no sofa will be safe. She can jump and climb like a pro and is very fast for such a short legged little lady.

💗Their rescue story - Lidl had been spotted in a supermarket car park for a month before she appeared in front of Pinti’s car (at the supermarket) one evening.

Please ring the rescue for an appointment to view Lidl on 07808003152 between 11-3pm. This is the only way we take bookings.


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