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Please read the write up by her fosterer

Hula has been rehomed before but was returned as they said she didn’t settle well and they wouldn’t give her time to get used to her new home.

 Sex: Female

 Size: Small

 DOB: September 2021

 Children: 12yrs plus

 Rescue story - Unfortunately, not a lot is known about the public shelter dogs’ history.



“Sylvie (previously Hula) has been with us since mid-December 2023.

She was an almost instant little love bug and cuddle monster, just wanting to be with you and cuddled. She had a couple of wee accidents initially as she settled over the first week and whilst I learnt her signals for needing to go outside.

Sylvie is just such a wonderful, girl. When I’m cooking she lies either against my heels or across the tops of me feet- this is indicative of her… she just wants to be with you! (She is currently leaning against my legs as I type!). However- there doesn’t seem to be any sort of separation anxiety… she has been fine to be left during the day while I’m at work with my dog walkers coming and either letting her out midday or taking her off to their paddock for free play with other dogs for a few hours (depending on my schedule and how long I can walk her for that day).

She is very energetic, but with that she does seem highly intelligent and very trainable!

For the most part she has been absolutely wonderful with my son (7yrs and dog savvy!), the only thing to consider is that she is still a young dog and hasn’t quite got the judgement of using her teeth in play, so when she gets a bit too excited the mouthing can become a little more and turn into nipping. Nothing done in malice- just over-zealous play and just needs someone firm to teach her the rules of play. She has improved a lot while we have had her as we have remained consistent.

She walks pretty well on lead. She enjoys meandering, but doesn’t really pull. She likes meeting other dogs and depending on their energy, can be a bit too keen to meet, but mostly she is well behaved (again- improving with the consistency!).

She really enjoys chasing birds that fly over our garden and is convinced that she will catch one! She can be a little stubborn with not wanting to leave them to come inside, but eventually the draw of a treat is too much to resist!! She does adorable ‘tigger’ like pouncing on… blades of grass! (I can never see anything actually there! But it is super cute!!)

The only reason we are having to end the foster and not continue in with adoption is that, despite getting on fine when they met at the paddock, she and my resident dog (an 8yr old saluki x greyhound cross) absolutely hate each other. We have tried everything to make it work, because Sylvie is just such a gorgeous girl and it absolutely breaks my heart, but ultimately we need to do what is right for her and my resident dog.

Her ideal home would be with no or older children who understand the nipping in play and can be consistent with the rules of play with her. Someone with either no other dogs (I do think she would flourish as an only dog!) or an older, perhaps boy, who is incredibly calm and has met several times to ensure they get on. (She does like other dogs- for some reason they both just hate each other!) a couple or single who enjoy walking/hiking or similar, to allow her plenty of exercise would be great for her- she certainly has a lot of energy!

Oh! And she is convinced the dishwasher is an enemy, so I’ve taken to putting it on when she isn’t in the room, so she doesn’t bark at it!!

So… overall… Sylvie (Hula) is an absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful girl. She is full of personality and character. If she were able to get along with our resident dog, there would be no question- she would be staying here.

I’m absolutely heartbroken that it just hasn’t worked. All she really wants is to have a human companion to snuggle, a nice walk, somewhere warm & comfy to sleep and regular food/water. To her, it seems anything else is a huge bonus! (And I don’t think she expects all that either!) when it comes right down to it- she just wants someone she can love and who will love her back. Whoever takes on this wonderful girl is very, very lucky.


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