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Cali was adopted soon after arriving at the rescue at the end of last year.

She has been returned after falling out with the resident dog after 8 months, but we don't know why.

She gets very attached to people and loves her walks but can be strong if not walked on a front ring harness, as we are doing. We know she hasn't been walked much at all, due to circumstances at home, so she is very keen to be out and about.

She doesn't seem to have had much training although if you say 'NO' quite firmly she sometimes lays down on the floor.

She needs to learn boundaries so training will be needed. She is housetrained.

More information will appear as we work with her and get to know her now she has grown up a bit more. She is now 18months old and Labrador size.

Below are some of the home requirements her previous owner said would suit her ......

Best as an only dog, no small furries (not lived with cats) and chases wildlife, plenty of exercise, very food driven ( don't leave food lying around), been left for 4 hours regularly with no issues, housetrained, no aggression to any humans, slept on a bed at night (not hers !), happily curl up in a chair in the evening, up to date with vaccinations, spayed, travels well in the car, will entertain herself with toys, likes attention but will pick her moments, made no attempt to escape our property, never chewed anything in the house, likes to dig.

Please ring the rescue on 07808003152 11-3pm, if you would like to meet Cali. We recommend a home with older teenagers only as she is a large dog who would knock small children over.

This is the only way we arrange viewings.

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