Kai (Rehomed)

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Kai (brother of Keanu) , 6 months old and is a beautiful small boy. Kai with his mum and three siblings were found by our rescuer incarcerated in a tiny pen in their owner’s garden. With a little persuasion, he relinquished the dogs. Our lovely rescuer Cami looked after him and gave him the LOVE and care he so desperately needed until he was ready to travel to the UK.

He is an adorable little pup weighing approximately 6kg and he remain a small size once fully grown. He is a typical scruffy mutt and is a happy little lad who loves to play with his siblings. As he is a young pup, he will require an adopter who is around most of the time to ensure his socialisation skills are maintained and to lead/toilet train him.


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