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BOB - Available foster view to adopt

Updated: 3 days ago

Please ring the rescue to have a chat about the conditions of a foster view to adopt adoption.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL MEMBERS OF THE HOUSEHOLD ARE IN AGREEMENT AND ARE READY TO ADOPT A NEW DOG AND THAT YOU HAVE NO HOLIDAYS BOOKED IN THE NEAR FUTURE - Before making a viewing appointment. We cannot hold onto a dog for the festive period so if you are going to have a really busy household during that time, please WAIT until after the new year

BOB - Sadly Bob is being returned as he needs more than his new owners can give him.

Sex - Male Saluki x

Size - medium

Age - 11 months

Has lived with cats but will need some training as he obviously won't know a new cat.

Bob is still only a pup so he needs someone around as he will chew if left unless he has some mental simulation with a lick mat or company from another dog.

If he lived with another dog it needs to be a medium/large one as he can't live with a small dog (hence the cat training as he has lived with them before)

As he is a sight hound he has bags of energy and loves to run he will walk for miles once he's old enough. He is a lovely dog who is affectionate and playful.

Bob was picked on and bullied in the home where he came from, by the other dogs so can be food possessive around food with other dogs

He is very intelligent and learns quickly, going on the walkway on the first time of asking. A little wary coming down the slope but treats helped.

He needs to learn boundaries which he is doing well with the limited training we can give him. He knows to sit on a mark to be calm and we usually get him to sit on a wooden box before he gets any fuss or to have his harness fitted. He is getting better at mouthing and as long as the work we've done carries on in his new home.

Bob was found with his siblings and saved from being shot, as the local government had a dog cull on to cut down on straying dogs.

Their mother had already been killed.

If you feel Bob is the right dog for you then please give the rescue a call on 07808003152 between 11am and 3pm.

Please make sure you have no holidays booked in the near future and that everyone in the household agrees to a new dog in the home, before ringing.

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