Updated: May 24

UPDATE - Ben has settled in well. He is very excitable first thing as he is desperate for an round the paddock with Isla, who he is now kenneled with.

He has shown no aggression to any other dog apart from barking at them. We think his previous problems were due to frustration at not being able to play and have a good run about with the other dogs he could see.

Ben has been returned to us after some personal problems at home and the fact that he has been barking at both neighbours' dogs. We understand the reasons for the return.

Ben has been assessed by Rob, who is the behaviorist we recommend and he says he will make a lovely dog for a family who have a nice big garden for him to run around and play in.

We have had him loose in a secure field with Lola (female) and he was running round like crazy then would run up to her and she would just tell him she didn't want to play. Another dog ran up to the fence growling and barking at him and to begin with he barked but didn't react, in fact got bored and walked off.

Due to the situation at home we presume he hasn't had enough exercise to tire him out and a good run, so a large garden is a must, as he has a lot of energy.

He is 2 in October and came from Romania in April last year (originally called Boomer). He is neutered and up to date with his vaccinations.

Please call the rescue on 07808003152 to arrange an appointment between 11am and 3pm. Ben has lived with children.


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