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Ace (Rehomed)

Updated: Mar 10, 2021


We are looking for a LOCAL foster home with view to adopt or someone who can offer a forever home for a very gentle soul who has been through a lot in his young years. (Born December 2019)

Ace is a sweet natured and lovely dog, and he has got a lot of love to give

Ace loves playing with soft cuddly toys

Ace walks well on lead in remote area

Are you retired or home most of the time and no longer away from home than 2/3h a day (also after lockdown) ?

Do you live somewhere remote?

Do you have a confident dog?

Are you a child free home?

Are you a confident and strong pack leader that can give guidance, motivation and reassurance?

This dog is low in confidence and won't enjoy going out for walkies as yet. He also won't enjoy meeting new people too quickly. Are you happy with this?

Are you happy with a dog that can not be let off lead for a long time ?

If you can answer YES to all questions above then please give us a call urgently and ask for more information on Ace: 07808003152

Please note due to current restrictions we are not able to welcome you at hh at the moment. If the initial telephone interview is successful, we will then schedule a home check and will further discuss.


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