Chase resided with my now ex partner from approx 3week old ,info was mum had stopped feeding.He had little socialisation with outside world only upon travelling 1hr by train to my residence and myself there regularly,his only exercise being to and from the station. He suffered/suffers with seperation anxiety and he barks at any noise he hears. The relationship ended in October last year and i was away from chase a total of 6weeks. To my knowledge he was rehomed twice in that time firstly being picked up by a dog warden in Rochdale and back to my ex then secondly to someone with another dog before coming to me permanent. He came back with a different temperament completely and is now very nervous,fear aggressive and im unsure on how he would be with other dogs. He had a couple of small wounds when coming from the people with the dog and was very sensitive to them although they said he was fine with their dog.I had witnessed my ex hit him and also his children and a raised hand would make him cower but this never affected his temperament. With behaviourist help i have stopped him accessing main window and door as advised and my children do not touch him he will happily sniff them and aporoach but snapped once when i got him back in November when she went to stroke him so i keep it monitored and as safe as possible. He has growled at strangers ive spoken to on a walk,but has settled ,displays nervous body language. When seeing a dog he pulls more on the lead,pulls to get to them,sometimes barks but lunges some days and is difficult to control being quite strong and has taken me over once. I cross over,use cars to obstruct view and have tried treats but he isnt interested.He is intact based on advise that it could make things worse to casterate. Ive witnessed both tail wagging to get to another dog but also between his legs and sometimes whines when he cant get to the dog. Through a gate he has only sniffed a dog and showed no agression. Based on the information i do not know how he would be with other dogs. I have cats he just wants to sniff but they are not keen and now hes started to get fiesty towards them when they react. He is very loving,likes to be near at night and often gives kisses even on command and loves his treats and ball.  Hopefully with the right people and work he can have the life he deserves. Please email newcastle096@hotmail.com

Looking at re-homing my 2 large dogs, both are spayed, neutered, micro-chipped up to date with there boosters, vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

The male is a white German shepherd, Brody, who is 8 years old and the female is a brown bull-mastiff cross rottweiler, Kiera, who is 10 years old.

The German shepherd has severe anxiety so will need an experienced home where you can work on this with him,he would need to be the only dog other than the mastiff cross he lives with as they are really close to each other and have lived together all their adult lives.

The German shepherd is very anxious around other dogs and will bark every time he sees another dog no matter how many times I say no, heal, its OK etc, he hates cats and squirrels every-time he sees a cat or a squirrel he will bark and try and chase them but I keep him under control,he also barks whenever he hears another dog barking when out on walks no matter how many times I say no, heal, its OK, its just another dog barking it's fine etc, the bull-mastiff cross rottweiler is fine with other dogs and sometimes likes to go up and say hello, she doesn't like cats or squirrels either as my shepherd has got her into not liking them, they are both fine/great with kids, my bull-mastiff cross rottweiler has suspected cruciate ligament injury in her left hind leg and is on painkillers and rest for this which is helping, they are both very protective of the house and the people that live in it, when someone knocks on the door or post something through the letter box they will bark and when someone comes into the house they will go up and have a sniff and want some fuss and they are fine afterwards as they are just making sure the people that come into the house are OK.

They are OK to be re-homed separately but would prefer if they was re-homed together due to how close they are to each other. The German shepherd will bark every time we leave the house for there walk no matter how many times I say no, heal, its OK etc, he also pulls a lot on the lead and do use a haltie to help me keep him under control better he is also very strong.My mastiff cross will pull on the lead when she sees a cat or a squirrel but I keep her under control,when she wants to say hello to another dog and when she us having a sniff and looking for somewhere to do her business other than that she is fine on the lead, they are both scared of fireworks and my German shepherd is on calming tablets which help to keep him calm through the fireworks.

Please contact Stacey - 07538674859 or scolder25@googlemail.com

This is buster he is a Staffordshire bull terrier , he is 3 years old, he’s been brought up in a busy family environment, brilliant with children. He is extremely loving. I don’t know how he is with other dogs, I know he can be wary of men, doesn’t like to be left by himself for long periods of time loves being in the garden. 

Please contact Courtney on 07810099800






Meet loki the lurcher he is a 6 year old loving boy who needs a new home where he can be the only dog and needs an adult only home as he is nervous and frightentened of children, the garden also needs to be fully enclosed with a 6ft fence as he is a big dog. He can be left alone in the home, when walking he needs to be muzzled which will be provided as he can act aggressively towards dogs when startled he has had group training with dogs and has improved so much with socialising over time so it would be great if this can be continued. He has been 

Neutered, fully up to date with his jabs, fleaing and worming. Any questions or viewings please contact C.Rogers1995@hotmail.co.uk






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