Hello, I'm Missy

About me.

I like living at Halfway Home. I get to go out on walks every day. My favourite thing to do on walks is roll around in the grass, I don't care if it's wet or muddy, it just feels so good. My legs hurt now I'm getting older, so I do more rolling than walking these days.

Why I need extra care.

I feel insecure around people I don't know, so bark to stop them getting too close. Luckily I trust my carers and feel safe with them. My carers look after me by giving me medicine for my legs, and make sure I get cuddles every day. 


7639800_smile_dog_emoticon_siberian husky_emoji_icon.png

Rolling in grass, treats, cuddles


7639790_sad_dog_emoticon_siberian husky_emoji_icon.png

Long walks